Canyoning is a fun sport for those warm spring/summer days in Grenoble. The idea is to walk down a river wearing a neoprene wetsuit, a harness and a helmet, and to overcome all the natural obstacles along the way, such as jumps, slides, abseiling and many other surprises that we can't tell you about here!

Canyoning in Grenoble

Isère, and Grenoble in particular, is well served in terms of canyoning thanks to its surrounding massifs: the Vercors, the Chartreuse and the Bauges. VERTIC'O has put together a selection of the most beautiful canyoning routes, all around Grenoble but also close to Lyon, Valence and Chambéry. These canyons can be enjoyed in groups, with friends or with the family for half a day or the whole day.


Descents for beginners and experts alike!


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Furon canyon (Upper part) – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Furon canyon (Lower part) – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Furon canyon (INTEGRAL) – Vercors massif – from 70€/pers

Ecouges canyon (Lower part) – Vercors massif – from 55€/pers

Ecouges canyon (INTEGRAL) – Vercors massif – from 120€/pers

Versoud canyon – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Infernet canyon – Chartreuse massif – from 47€/pers

Alloix canyon – Chartreuse massif – from 50€/pers

Ternèze Boyat canyon – Bauges massif – from 44€/pers

A fun and refreshing activity


What is canyoning?

Canyoning is a great fun, outdoor activity, and the Grenoble area is the perfect place for it! You'll be descending rivers of varying depths on foot, equipped with neoprene wetsuits. VERTIC'O will take care of all the equipment you need for your pleasure and safety. In front of you, you'll find real natural slides, jumps (which are never compulsory!), abseiling descents that can be very wet and others that are quite calm. Canyoning in Grenoble also means passing under boulders and many other surprises, depending on the canyoning route you choose. But all canyons are very different, so we'll leave you with a bit of a surprise! Photos and videos of all our canyons in Isère can be seen on the activities pages.

Where and when can you go canyoning around Grenoble?

Most of the canyons we propose here are in Isère, more or less close to Grenoble. And as we said, there's no shortage of canyoning in Grenoble! Some, like the Furon canyon in the Vercors or the Infernet canyon in the Chartreuse, are just a few minutes from the city. You'll be amazed by their wild character and the magnificent natural setting they reveal! Other canyoning sites are a little further afield, with the Ecouges and Versoud canyons just 45 minutes away by car.

On average, canyoning in Isère starts in early April and finishes in mid-October. Summer is the most pleasant in terms of water temperature. Of course, canyoning depends on the weather, and we won't take any chances with you!

Is canyoning right for me?

The advantage of canyoning in Grenoble is that you can adapt the routes to suit your level, age and interests. The aim is to have a good time together, whether you're an athlete or not. And if you'd like to see some sporty canyoning around Grenoble, that's also possible, depending on the time of year! So yes, canyoning is an activity open to everyone.

In Grenoble, VERTIC'O offers you the chance to enjoy sensational canyoning for an afternoon or a day, on your own, with family or friends. We can also provide canyoning training to give you as much autonomy as possible in this environment.

Canyoning & Climbing: Grenoble, the city of outdoor sports

Grenoble, capital of Isère “38”, lies at the crossroads between Lyon, Valence and Chambéry. Not only neighbouring Savoie “73”, Drôme “26” and Rhône “69”, Grenoble is also known for the 3 mountain ranges surrounding the city: the Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne. Grenoble is also a city that loves mountain sports such as climbing, via ferrata and canyoning. The Vercors is famous for being a stronghold of the French Resistance, but also for canyoning on hot summer days; the Chartreuse is also known for its liqueur, which you can visit/taste directly at the Caves de Voiron; and Belledonne is a massif of high peaks, snow and ski resorts within easy reach.

In Grenoble, you can climb the cliffs by bike or tram, the first canyons are just 20 minutes from the city centre and the via ferrata, such as the prise de la Bastille, is within easy walking distance. VERTIC'O is a year-round climbing, canyoning and via ferrata company based in the Grenoble area. We are proud of, and will always respect, our immense playground.