Climbing cliff in GRENOBLE


Surrounded by the Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors massifs, the area around Grenoble is home to a host of natural rock-climbing sites where you can climb almost all year round. Le Petit Désert, St Égrève, les Brieux, Col du Coq, Lans-en-Vercors... So many sites within easy reach of Grenoble, most of them in the Chartreuse or Vercors.
*The choice of climbing site will depend on your level, your location and your wishes.

We offer introductory sessions to help you perfect your climbing technique and learn the safety techniques specific to outdoor climbing. Come and discover rock climbing under the watchful eye of your instructor and, for the more experienced climbers, we can teach you how to tackle a 'project' and even plan a training session with you to complete a route that's close to your heart!

Whether indoors or on the crag, these individual climbing lessons in Grenoble are an excellent way to make progress. You'll be on your own with your instructor, giving you greater flexibility in your learning. No previous indoor climbing experience is required. Whatever your level, we'll be delighted to help you discover this environment and all the values that go with the sport!

As with an indoor climbing session, we can offer you individual or group sessions, for a birthday, an event to celebrate, etc. Don't hesitate to contact us to set up your project.


1 to 2 people 3 to 4 people 5 to 6 people 7 to 8 people
2 hours of activity
2 hours of activity
2 hours of activity
2 hours of activity
Half day (≈3h)
Half day (≈3h)
Half day (≈3h)
Half day (≈3h)
All day (≈6h)
All day (≈6h)
All day (≈6h)
All day (≈6h)

The price includes: climbing tuition by a state-qualified professional and the loan of technical equipment. Transport and food are not included.

Are you part of a works council or local authority? Contact us for a quote..


1Can I come alone?
Yes, there's no problem. However, the price is the same whether you come alone or in pairs.
2Can I bring my own climbing equipment?
Yes, and it's even recommended if you're also climbing on your own. We'll check it together before the session and make up anything you're missing.
3Which cliff will we go to?
The choice of crag depends on your location, your level and your wishes. We'll discuss this with you before the session.
4Do I need to take indoor climbing lessons before going to a crag?
Absolutely not! You could very well be discovering the activity for the first time on rock and even never go indoor in your life.


Provided :
VERTIC'O provides all the equipment necessary for safety: harness, helmet, rope, descender etc... Only climbing shoes are not supplied.
All our equipment complies with PPE standards and is regularly checked.

Required :
Sports clothes and shoes (climbing shoes if you have them)
Bottled water
Energy bars.

You can also bring your own climbing equipment. It's even better if you climb on your own outside our courses!