Canyoning, or canyon as it's also known, is a popular outdoor sport in the Vercors, where the idea is to descend a river on foot, equipped with all the equipment you need to progress. The short walks are interspersed with swimming, jumps, slides, abseils and even zip lines. Canyoning, a fun sport that's also a great way to discover some magnificent scenery!

Come and discover our selection of the best canyoning in the Vercors!

Canyoning in the Vercors

Here you'll find all our canyoning trips in the Vercors, surely one of the best canyoning destinations in France! The Vercors is a large limestone massif carved and hollowed out by erosion, not far from Grenoble, Lyon and Valence. It also straddles the departments of Isère and Drôme. The Vercors offers a wide variety of canyoning descents, from jumps of varying heights and natural slides galore to technical abseils between waterfalls.

VERTIC'O offers you the 3 most interesting canyons in the Vercors massif, with half-day or full-day options. Whether you're a sportsman, a beginner or an expert, there's something for everyone and every taste!


A selection near Grenoble, Lyon and Valence


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Furon canyon (Upper part) – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Furon canyon (Lower part) – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Furon canyon (INTEGRAL) – Vercors massif – from 70€/pers

Ecouges canyon (Lower part) – Vercors massif – from 55€/pers

Ecouges canyon (INTEGRAL) – Vercors massif – from 120€/pers

Versoud canyon – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Infernet canyon – Chartreuse massif – from 50€/pers

Alloix canyon – Chartreuse massif – from 50€/pers

Ternèze Boyat canyon – Bauges massif – from 44€/pers

A thrilling activity near Grenoble & Lyon


What is canyoning?

Canyoning is an outdoor sport that involves descending a gorge (canyon) protected from the cold by a neoprene wetsuit and harnessed like a mountaineer: harness, helmet, lanyards, ropes, screw-in karabiner with figure-of-eight descender... As you descend a canyon in the Vercors, you'll come across a number of obstacles: jumps, slides, abseils, syphons, zip lines, cave crossings, etc.

However, no jump is compulsory; the instructor will always suggest an alternative.

Canyoning in the Vercors, as elsewhere, depends on the weather: it is not advisable to make a descent if there are thunderstorms forecast, and we take no risks in this respect. We will offer you a new date or a full refund if you are unable to postpone.

You'll find photos and videos of the Vercors canyons on each activity page - it's more explicit than a long speech!

Why do canyoning in the Vercors?

Quite simply because the Vercors is one of the best destinations in France for canyoning! There are several types of canyon to choose from in the Vercors: the Furon canyon is more about jumps and slides, while the upper part of the Ecouges canyon is highly technical, with no escape routes and a series of abseils ranging from 5 to 60 metres: prior experience is essential!

The lower part of the Ecouges canyon is the nec plus ultra of the region: sporty (4-hour descent) but accessible to novices, with as many jumps/toboggans as rope sections!

VERTIC'O is a local company, located at the foot of the Vercors canyons. We know this massif very well, on the doorstep of Grenoble, Lyon and Valence, and it's also very accessible from a geographical point of view.

Is canyoning in the Vercors right for me?

With its many practice sites, the Vercors offers canyons suitable for novices and experienced canyoneers alike. You don't have to be a top-level sportsman, but you do need to be in at least a minimum level of physical fitness - basically, you should be able to do a 3-hour hike.

All the equipment needed for canyoning descents (harness, helmet, wetsuit and neoprene socks, ropes, etc.) is provided and included in the price, along with supervision by a state-certified instructor. All you need is a swimming costume and a pair of closed-toe shoes such as trainers to go in the water.

The instructor is there to keep you safe and reassure you! If you don't want to jump, he'll suggest an alternative solution: abseiling or going around the obstacle. But you mustn't be afraid to put your head under water, and of course you must be able to swim!

The minimum age for canyoning is 8 years or around 25 kgs. You can sign up on your own, as a couple, with friends or as a family.

Where and when can you go canyoning in the Vercors?

There are many canyoning sites in the Vercors: for example, there's the Furon canyon on the lower section, which reaches Sassenage near Grenoble, and the Furon canyoning on the upper section, which is a little higher up in the Grenoble area near Villard-de-Lans. There's also the Ecouges canyon further south, near Rencurel, which is one of the most famous canyons in France!

Depending on the year and weather conditions, canyoning in the Vercors can be enjoyed from April to October, but the best season is from May to September.

If you opt for a half-day trip, the activity can be enjoyed in the morning or afternoon.

You can also discover all our canyons in the Grenoble area, including the Chartreuse and Bauges massifs.