We started out as climbers, passionate about our sport, the environment around us and the values conveyed by the mountains. Canyoning was the next logical step when we wanted to discover the fun of the aquatic environment.

Alongside our own unbridled climbing and canyoning, we set up VERTIC'O so that we could make a living from our passion. We look forward to helping you discover our wonderful natural playground.

We look forward to seeing you.


CHARLIE AHACHE (co-managing partner)

Born and bred in the Grenoble region, I've been a mountain enthusiast ever since I was a kid, so I'd be delighted to take you climbing or canyoning in the Vercors or Chartreuse. Having done them dozens of times, their slides and jumps hold no secrets for me!

With the creation of Vertic'O, a small structure set up with Xavier, one of my climbing companions, I've been supervising climbing lessons for various clubs in the Grésivaudan valley for nearly ten years.

I'm not very good at making big presentations on the web, but I'll tell you more when we descend a canyon or climb together ;-)!

XAVIER SERRET (co-managing partner)

After many wonderful years of climbing, travelling and discovering ever more beautiful places, I came to canyoning in 2011 when I passed the Brevet d'État exam. A new passion and a whole new world to discover. So off I went! Today, this passion has become a profession, and VERTICO has been a great springboard! Now it's my turn to take you along.

During the year I give lessons in climbing clubs, in the summer on a cliff or in the water, but I also keep a strong personal practice in both climbing and canyoning. I always wonder how you can guide if you don't practise any more?! And we love it so much!