Canyoning consists of descending rivers on foot using progression techniques specific to the activity. There will be jumps (never compulsory), slides, abseiling and lots of other surprises that we can't reveal here... Whether you're a beginner or an expert, whether you're a keen sportsman or not, we'll find you the best canyoning trip to suit your needs, so you can escape the hot summer weather!

Canyoning in Lyon

There is such a thing as canyoning just outside Lyon! Just 1 hour's drive from the city and you're in the Pre-Alps. Canyoning is practised in the Vercors and Chartreuse massifs, giving you the chance to escape the city and enjoy these superb outdoor sites. VERTIC'O has put together a selection of the best canyoning descents, offering half-day or full-day trips!entières !

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Vercors & Chartreuse Massif


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Furon canyon (Upper part) – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Furon canyon (Lower part) – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Furon canyon (INTEGRAL) – Vercors massif – from 70€/pers

Ecouges canyon (Lower part) – Vercors massif – from 55€/pers

Ecouges canyon (INTEGRAL) – Vercors massif – from 120€/pers

Versoud canyon – Vercors massif – from 44€/pers

Infernet canyon – Chartreuse massif – from 50€/pers

Alloix canyon – Chartreuse massif – from 50€/pers

Ternèze Boyat canyon – Bauges massif – from 44€/pers

Canyoning near your town - Vercors & Chartreuse massif


What is canyoning?

Canyoning involves descending a river on foot, wearing a neoprene wetsuit, harness and helmet. It's a fun and sporting activity. There are jumps (never compulsory), slides, more or less narrow passages, abseils... Canyoning is an outdoor activity, a passage to a place that is normally inaccessible, where only the river has made its way. Isère 38 is one of the richest departments for canyoning. Every canyon is different: the rock, the commitment, the obstacles - it all depends on the route you choose. You can count on us to help you choose the one that suits you best!

Canyoning in Lyon

Lyon is a very pleasant city, well known for its Fête des Lumières and its very special districts. It's also a city at the gateway to the Alps, open to outdoor sports from the Vercors and Chartreuse massifs, which are not far away!

And yes, there is such a thing as canyoning near Lyon - there are even several courses within an hour's drive. Get out of the city and enjoy the thrills and fresh air of nature's extraordinary landscapes! Enjoy the beauty of the Vercors or the wild Chartreuse countryside, all just a stone's throw from the city.

Discover all canyoning in the Lyon and Grenoble area

Canyoning for everyone

VERTIC'O is first and foremost a local company, born and bred in the Grenoble region, so we know our huge playground inside out. We'll be able to guide you to the canyons that suit you best, whether you're looking to discover canyoning in the Furon or Versoud canyons, the unmissable atmosphere of the Infernet canyon in the Chartreuse or, for those looking for a more challenging outing, the Ecouges canyon in the Vercors massif

We'll be happy to guide you on half-day or full-day canyoning trips to suit your needs. And if you have any special requests for canyoning, courses, etc., we'll think about it together.

Family canyoning is open to children aged 7/8 and over, the only requirement being that they have no fear of water. From discovery canyoning to sporting canyoning, there's something to suit all tastes and ages.

So YES, canyoning is open to everyone!

Canyoning in complete safety

In Lyon as elsewhere, VERTIC'O is committed to accompanying you on your canyoning trips in complete safety.

All the equipment we supply and use complies with PPE standards and is regularly checked. All our instructors are passionate, qualified and experienced in canyoning or climbing.

And because nature is unpredictable, if there's a risk of the water level being too high or something else, we won't hesitate to postpone the outing or offer you another canyon to give you maximum pleasure in complete safety.