What is the Via corda?

Via corda, also known as via cordata, is an activity where hiking, climbing and mountaineering meet. These are aerial routes over ledges and ridges, where progress is made roped up to an instructor. Unlike via ferrata, the equipment is very basic. The technique and equipment used are therefore not the same.
In via corda the means of progress are natural. You take hold of the rock, the trees, you stay on the ledge... it's this absence of metal, the places and the atmosphere where you find yourself that make it a unique activity!

In Grenoble, the 2 via corda itineraries are well suited to discovery and require no technical pre-requisites. There's roped walking, abseiling, climbing and even a zip line on the 3 Pucelles route. An ideal activity for group outings, local authorities or works councils.
Via Corda – Via Cordata

VIA CORDA around Grenoble


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Via Corda “Les 3 Pucelles” – Vercors massif – from 55€/pers

Via Corda “Vire de Choranche” – Vercors massif – from 40€/pers