Via Corda – 3 Pucelles

retour de la via corda des 3 Pucelles à Grenoble
sommet de la via corda des 3 Pucelles. Une vue sur Grenoble à 360°
Bechir à la via corda des 3 Pucelles
Grenoble Via corda 3 Pucelles
Via corda 3 Pucelles avec vertico
Via corda 3 Pucelles Vercors
Via corda 3 Pucelles Grenoble
Via corda dans le Vercors - proche de Lyon
Via corda 3 Pucelles Grenoble
Via corda 3 Pucelles dans le Vercors à Grenoble
Escalade en via corda à Grenoble


55€/person (group)
Group rates: to benefit from this rate, you must already have a group of at least 6 people.
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    The 3 Pucelles course is located on the Vercors massif above the commune of St-Nizier-du-Moucherotte and its unforgettable ski jump from the 1969 Olympics!

    These needles, which are clearly visible from Grenoble city centre, dominate the Grenoble valley and offer a breathtaking view of the Vercors, Chartreuse and Taillefer ranges!

    This is where you'll find the famous Via Corda des 3 Pucelles. It's a route that's part easy climb, part dizzying hike and part short ridge run.
    After a 45-minute approach walk, the route begins with a 25-metre abseil, then continues along beautiful corridors and horizontal ledges. The last few short climbs will take us to the summit of the main aiguille. With Grenoble and the Chartreuse Massif on one side and the Vercors Massif on the other, you can take in the breathtaking 360° view! !

    Next comes what is surely the most impressive part of the route, a zip line stretched between 2 needles and leading to the final summit ridge before returning to our starting point.

    This Via Corda des 3 Pucelles is well suited to families, groups or works council. A rich and varied discovery not to be missed in the Grenoble area!

    And on hot summer days, the Furon canyon is not far away!

    Minimum age: 10 years
    Approach walk: 40 minutes
    Return walk: 30 minutes
    Duration: short day
    Period: April to October


    Provided :
    VERTIC'O provides all the equipment you need to progress safely on the cliffs (harness, helmet, rope, etc.).
    All our equipment complies with PPE standards and is regularly checked.

    Required :
    Sports clothes and shoes
    Small rucksack
    Water bottle
    Sun cream and sunglasses
    Energy bars


    Meeting point in front of the Tourist Office in Saint-Nizier du-Moucherotte (38250)
    (GPS : 45°10'14.6"N 5°37'49.3"E)
    25 min from Grenoble, 45 min from Chambéry, 1h20 from Lyon


    1Is this Via Corda accessible to beginners?
    Yes, you don't need any previous climbing experience. It's a discovery activity that's more like roped walking or ridge running than climbing.
    2How old do you have to be to come?
    From the age of 10, with a fairly sporty profile and no fear of heights. You'll need to be in good physical condition for the approach walk + the route + and the return.
    3The first obstacle is a 25m abseil?
    Yes, it's the start of the route, after the approach walk. It's not an impressive descent because it's an abseil in the forest with little view of the void. The instructor can also take you down without you having to do anything, just enjoy!
    4Is the zip line a compulsory part of the route?
    Yes, but it's much easier than it sounds! And if you need us, we'll be happy to go with you.