Furon canyon - UPPER part

première descente en rappel en isère, ici dans le canyon du Furon
rayon du soleil à l'entrée du canyoning
au milieu du canyon du furon à grenoble
le saut de la piscine dans le canyon phare de grenoble
dernière partie en canyoning dans le vercors
entrée de la partie express du canyon du furon dans le vercors
marche dans les blocs au canyon du Furon
tyrolienne en canyoning, ici dans le canyon du furon à grenoble
en canyoning on fait des toboggans - vertico
le premier saut du canyon du Furon


HALF DAY : DAY(Upper part + lower part)
48€/person 75€/person
44€/person (group) 70€/person (group)
Group rates: to benefit from this rate, you must already have a group of at least 6 people.
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    The Furon canyon is a unique canyoning experience in Grenoble! Located above Sassenage, in the foothills of the Vercors, the upper part of the Furon canyon is a highly entertaining course that combines fun and thrills.

    You start off with a 4-metre jump (not compulsory) before wandering along the watercourse, taking in a series of slides, jumps, abseiling and a zip line. The final section of the canyon, known as Furon express, is a succession of jumps (up to 9m), slides and abseiling. This is where you'll find the biggest obstacles, a perfect way to end this half-day of canyoning.

    It's a great way to discover canyoning, and is suitable for all levels of ability, whether you're a family with or without children, with friends, in a group, or for seminars... Canyoning is also very popular for HEN/STAG party, because of its fun aspect and its proximity to the cities of Grenoble and Lyon.

    The lower part of the Furon canyon can be followed by a full-day trip for the more sporty, enabling them to complete the entire descent of the Furon canyon.

    Minimum age: 10 years
    Approach walk: 5 minutes
    Return walk: 35 minutes
    Duration: 3 hours for the half-day trip and 5 to 6 hours for the full-day trip
    Period: from April to the end of September (depending on conditions/flows in the years)


    Provided :
    VERTIC'O provides all the equipment necessary for progression and safety.
    A 5mm neoprene wetsuit, neoprene socks, harness, helmet and descender. Bags, ropes and waterproof canisters are also provided.
    All our equipment complies with PPE standards and is regularly checked.

    Required :
    A swimming costume
    A pair of closed shoes (trainers or hiking boots)
    A bottle of water (1.5 litres for two people)
    Energy bars
    A lanyard if you need to take your glasses with you
    A picnic if you are going on a day trip

    LOCATION : Furon canyon UPPER part

    Meeting point directly at the canyon's UPSTREAM car park
    (GPS : 45°11'23.0"N 5°37'30.4"E)
    (From Sassenage take the Villard-de-Lans - Lans-en-Vercors road (D531). A "dry toilet" hut with a "Canyon du Furon" sign is clearly visible on the left of the car park. 10km from the start of the climb)
    20 minutes from Grenoble, 50 minutes from Chambéry, 1 hour from Lyon and 1h15 from Valence.


    Here are a few important rules for canyoning:

  • You must be able to swim and not be afraid of water.
  • You must not have any serious medical problems (heart or respiratory problems, back problems, prostheses or other serious antecedents).
    Asthmatics must also be informed at the time of booking.

  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you find yourself in one of these situations (or others), and we can check together, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not canyoning is possible.


    1Is the Furon canyon UPPER part accessible to beginners?
    Yes, it's a canyon where all the obstacles can be circumvented or arranged differently. The principle is simple: do what you want and have fun!
    2What is the difference between Furon canyon UPPER part and Furon canyon LOWER part ?
    These are two separate sections. The Furon UPPER part canyon is a little longer and has more difficult obstacles (jumps, slides, zip lines, etc.). The lower section is quieter and is the perfect complement to the upper section if you're looking for a day trip.
    3Are jumps compulsory? How high is the highest?
    No, no jump is compulsory in the Furon and the highest is 9m. It is located in the final part of the canyon (Furon express) and is reserved for those who want to do it and who also get the green light from the instructor.
    4Is the Furon canyoning day reserved for the more athletic?
    No, this is a very accessible day out, as the 2 sections are not continuous. We'll do the lower section in the morning, then have a picnic/break in a park in the sunshine before setting off again for the upper section in the afternoon.
    5I'm organising an HEN/STAG party, is the Furon canyon suitable?
    The Furon UPPER part and Versoud canyoning routes are the 2 most suitable for HEN/STAG party. They're fun and all the obstacles can be adapted to suit your preferences and abilities.


    THE classic canyon of Grenoble, but whatever people say, there are so many different ways to do the Furon! Whether you're freestyling or exploring, this is a canyon that's accessible to all, and one that finishes with a bang.
    My first canyon in the Vercors, like so many others! We hit it hard from the start, then 5 minutes of walking, then the intensity of the obstacles builds to a crescendo until the climax at the end!