Ecouges canyon - LOWER part

grande cascade 65m canyon des Ecouges proche de Lyon
un groupe en haut du saut, canyoning proche de lyon
premier saut dans ce canyon des Ecouges
canyoning dans le vercores proche de Lyon et Grenoble
cascade du canyon des Ecouges, proche de lyon
rappel de 30m dans ce canyon des Ecouges en isère
canuyon des Ecouges en isère pès de Grenoble
belle position en canyon dans l'isère
le fameux toboggans des Ecouges, un beau canyoning du Vercors
des petits sauts dans le canyon des Ecouges
rappel de la vrille, l'incontournable canyoning du vercors
tyrolienne en canyon près de lyon


HALF DAY : (Lower section)
55€/person (group
Group rates: to benefit from this rate, you must already have a group of at least 6 people.
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    The lower part of the Ecouges canyon, also known as Ecouges 2, is THE canyoning in Isère! Located on the north-western slopes of the Vercors massif, Les Ecouges is also close to Grenoble, Lyon and Valence.

    It's a great half-day's activity, starting with 2 beautiful abseils, including the one at the beautiful 28-metre waterfall, before moving on to a more fun section. From there, the jumps and slides will follow one after the other in beautiful natural pools, leaving a little room for some magnificent abseils like the one on "la vrille", the famous abseil slide where you descend into a tube! It's not for nothing that the Ecouges canyon is often considered one of the most beautiful canyons in France!

    The lower part of the Ecouges canyon is a half-day trip, but can also be done on a full-day basis. This is a version where you descend further into the river to reach the "Gourd du Fond" and finish the trip with a beautiful, non-compulsory 10m jump.
    If you add the upper part, a highly technical section with one abseil after another in this magnificent gorge, you can complete the entire Ecouges canyon. It's a great day's canyoning and a great adventure for the more athletic!

    Whether you choose the lower section or the full canyon, canyoning at Les Ecouges in the Vercors massif is quite simply a MUST!

    Minimum age: 12 years
    Approach walk: 5 minutes
    Return walk: between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the route
    Duration: 3 hours for the lower part
    Period: from 1st May to 15th September for the lower part (depending on the conditions/flows of the year)


    Provided :
    VERTIC'O provides all the equipment necessary for progression and safety.
    A 5mm neoprene wetsuit, neoprene socks, harness, helmet and descender. Bags, ropes and waterproof canisters are also provided.
    All our equipment complies with PPE standards and is regularly checked.

    Required :
    A swimming costume
    A pair of closed shoes (trainers or hiking boots)
    A bottle of water (1.5 litres for two people)
    Energy bars
    A lanyard if you need to take your glasses with you
    A picnic if you are going on a day trip

    LOCATION : Ecouges canyon LOWER part

    Meeting point directly at the canyon car park
    (GPS : 45°10'49.2"N 5°29'22.4"E)
    40 minutes from Grenoble, 1h10 from Chambéry, 1 hour from Lyon


    Here are a few important rules for canyoning:

  • You must be able to swim and not be afraid of water.
  • You must not have any serious medical problems (heart or respiratory problems, back problems, prostheses or other serious antecedents).
    Asthmatics must also be informed at the time of booking.

  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you find yourself in one of these situations (or others), and we can check together, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not canyoning is possible.


    1I've never done canyoning before, can I sign up for Ecouges?
    Yes, of course, canyoning at Les Ecouges is accessible to beginners as long as you're a bit sporty. It's comparable to a 4-hour hike in the mountains, but if you're in any doubt, just ask us!
    2Are all the Ecouges jumps compulsory?
    No, we can always walk around them or offer you something else, such as a slide or abseil where possible.
    3How high is the highest jump on the lower section of Les Ecouges?
    The half-day course includes a 5m technical jump, while the lower part of the day includes a 10m jump. Of course, these jumps are reserved for those who want to do them and who get the green light from the instructor.
    4What is the height of the largest abseil?
    28m for the biggest waterfall. For this abseil as for all the others, the instructor will be there to manage your safety.
    5What's the difference between the Ecouges Lower part canyon and the Furon UPPER part ?
    They are both canyons suitable for discovery, but the Ecouges canyon is a little longer and sportier than the Furon. The obstacles are bigger and more technical (particularly the abseiling).


    The most complete canyon in Isère, but still very accessible, it's a complete change of scenery when you get there. The view of the big waterfall at the top is just magical! With the abseil in the tube (the famous "vrille"), this is undoubtedly the TOP canyon in Grenoble!
    For me, the lower part of the Ecouges canyon is quite simply the must-see in the region, a compendium of everything you can find in a canyon that can be done in just ½ day!